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“My Namita Agrawal For Songs, Bhajans, Puranas and Mantras Lyrics” is One of The Leading Website for Lyrics Download in various languages like Hindi, English, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odisha, Bangla, Marathi and More.

Our main objective is to provide Bhagwan Bhajan Kirtan for all of you so that you can listen to Bhajan, enjoy listening to Bhajan and read the lyrics of that Bhajan through Lyrics, download it and repeat it and memorize it. Through different mediums, we are making available the lyrics of hymns and songs to all the people.

Music is a boon given from heaven, Music is an elixir given from heaven, Music is the elixir of human life which makes human life happy. This music sends to heaven also and this music plays on this earth also through this music, Humans make their life happy and they remain happy and the music that touches the heart of man, energizes the body parts of man, that’s why we encourage all of you to listen to Lord Bhajan Kirtan and chanting of mantras taken from Vedas and Puranas etc. Providing you can listen download and bring happiness in your life whenever you want.